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Duck livers

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Pekin duck

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Frozen duck is an important part of our frozen poultry range. All our duck items are sold frozen. We source our frozen duck at producers all over the world. High quality producers with whom we have had good relations for a long time. Because of our high quality standards and close relationships with duck producers around the world, we are able to deliver all frozen duck items at a competitive price and ship all over the world. Duck is a good source of protein, iron, selenium, B vitamins, and zinc.

Our frozen duck items:

We offer a selected range of high quality frozen duck items, as follows:
  • Frozen duck wings
  • Frozen duck liver
  • Frozen duck gizzard
  • Frozen pekin duck
  • Frozen duck breast

Quality control frozen duck

Experienced, independent inspectors provide quality control on our frozen duck shipments. Because we source our frozen duck from our own production facilities or high quality producers, with whom we have established an intensive relationship over the years, we know exactly where our products come from, how they are treated and what requirements they meet. Please ask us any question about the quality of our frozen duck items and we will offer you what you need.

Frozen duck logistics

Our logistic operations in frozen duck and all other commodities are fully integrated within the purchase and sales processes. As a full service company everything is supervised by our specialized logistics department to ensure all documentation and shipments are efficiently and beneficially operated. Please check our logistics page for more information on our logistic processes concerning frozen duck.