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Horse Mackerel

Japanese Mackerel

Pacific Mackerel

Blue Whiting



Salmon Heads

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Red fish

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Skipjack tuna

Capelin Roe

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Subo International offers a wide range of frozen fish. As established frozen fish producer and fish supplier we guarantee high quality fresh frozen fish products. We source our fresh frozen fish from all over the world, directly from the fisherman. Subo is constantly looking out for the best quality of both wild and farmed frozen fish.

Frozen fish we offer

  • Frozen capelin roe
  • Frozen salmon bellies
  • Frozen salmon heads
  • Frozen mackerel
  • Frozen horse mackerel
  • Frozen japanese mackerel
  • Frozen pacific mackerel
  • Blue whiting
  • Frozen cod
  • Frozen hake
  • Frozen salmon
  • Frozen herring
  • Frozen red fish
  • Frozen yellow croacker
  • Frozen capelin
  • Frozen cod roe
  • Frozen yellowtail tuna
  • Frozen skipjack tuna

Quality control frozen fish

Experienced, independent inspectors provide quality control on all frozen fish shipments. We control the full chain, from the fishing vessel to your doorstep. Especially the pelagic species like frozen mackerel, frozen herring and frozen salmon are our expertise. The Subo International frozen fish buyers are constantly traveling to the fishing factories, vessels and fishermen around the world, getting the information needed on fishing seasons, quota and market situations. From Norway to Senegal and from Canada to Korea, we know exactly when to source the fish and seafood required by your markets. You should contact us and tell us what you need, within no-time you will receive our offer and, maybe even more important, our information on the market telling you whether it is the right time to buy. We stock our frozen fish in our coldstores in Holland, ensuring a year round supply of frozen mackerel, frozen herring and frozen horse mackerel.