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Pork weasend

Pork tongue roots

Pork front feet

Pork esophagus

Pork stomachs

Pork snouts

Pork rectums

Pork ears

Pork riblets

Pork sternum bones

Pork fat

Pork MDM

Pork feet

Pork livers

Pork masks

Pork hind feet

Pork knee bones

Pork sides

Pork heads

Pork hearts

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Subo International offers a wide range of frozen pork products. As established frozen pork producers and pork suppliers we guarantee high quality frozen pork products. We know every single part of the pig and are proud to supply high quality frozen pork items. We source our frozen pork directly from the best production sites and ship to any port of destination.  

Frozen pork items

Frozen pork items we offer are:
  • Frozen pork ribblets
  • Frozen pork sternum bones
  • Frozen pork fat
  • Frozen pork MDM
  • Frozen pork feet
  • Frozen pork livers
  • Frozen pork masks
  • Frozen pork hind feet
  • Frozen pork hearts
  • Frozen pork knee bones
  • Frozen pork sides
  • Frozen pork heads

Frozen pork meat

Frozen pork meat is not only about expensive cuts like frozen pork fillets and frozen pork tenderloins. The products we offer and ship are various, from frozen pork riblets and frozen pork sternum bones to frozen pork hind feet and frozen pork knee bones. The best slaughterhouses in the world have been contracted by Subo International BV, undergoing a permanent quality control and inspection before each shipment. We are your dedicated frozen pork supplier and one-stop-shop for all your frozen pork items, from 1 pallet to 25 containers. Logistics and documentation of frozen pork items are all controlled from the Subo International head-office in Woerden, Netherlands.  Contact us directly and tell us what you need, we will get straight back to you with the best offer.