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Turkey tails

Turkey wings

Turkey necks

Turkey drumsticks

Turkey breasts

Turkey thighs

Turkey MDM

Turkey testicles

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Subo International offers all items of frozen turkey. As an established frozen turkey producer and supplier we guarantee quality products. We source our frozen turkey all over the world or produce our frozen turkey in our own production facilities. Because of our high quality standards and close relationships with turkey producers around the world, we are able to deliver all frozen turkey items at a very competitive price and ship all over the world. The turkey is a large poultry bird, which meat is low in fat, high in proteins and provides essential vitamins and minerals. Turkey is eaten all over the world, this makes frozen turkey a popular commodity. Subo International can offers a wide range of high quality turkey items.

Frozen turkey items we offer:

  • Frozen turkey tails
  • Frozen turkey wings
  • Frozen turkey neck
  • Frozen turkey drumsticks
  • Frozen turkey breast, frozen turkey fillets
  • Frozen turkey thighs
  • Frozen turkey MDM
  • Frozen turkey testicles

Quality assurance frozen turkey

As a worldwide frozen turkey supplier, we apply high quality standards to all of our products. If you purchase frozen turkey at Subo International, you are assured of great products at an honest and fair price. All products are handled with great care up to the point of delivery. Independent well known inspectors provide quality control on all frozen turkey products. Choose Subo and we will offer what you need!