Acid Whey Powder

  • Lower lactose content


Acid whey powder is manufactured by drying fresh whey obtained from soft white cheese. Microbial fermentation lowers milk pH and changes lactose into lactic acid. The lactose content of acid whey powder is lower than sweet whey and therefore the acid number is higher. The acid whey powder as a result has a more acidic taste than sweet whey.

Acid whey is a valueable raw material that can be used to create nutritious consumer products from high quality. In recent years whey has emerged as a high value product in its own right, especially now the protein trend is very strong. This results in the fact that the different variations of whey, as a high quality dairy protein have an advantage when it comes to sustainability.

Packaging acid whey powder

  • available in 25kg bags
  • available in big bags
  • available in bulk


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