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Demineralized Whey Powder 40%

  • Protein: 10-13%
  • Fat: 1-1.5%
  • Lactose: minimum 70%



Spray dried Demineralized Whey Powder 40% (d40) is a dairy product made from fresh, pasteurized whey, which comes from the production of yellow cheese. 40% of minerals (salt) from Whey Powder was removed making this product a perfect ingredient to many dairy and non-dairy products. The detailed application is below:

  • In Diary industry it is used at the production of whole-milk products, spreads, sour cream products, curd cheese and curd products, yogurts, ice-cream, condensed milk, processed cheese, infant formula and drinks. Usage of Whey Powder ameliorates texture, taste, viscosity, increases nutritive value, prevents weeping, tinctures creamy structure, provides depression of freezing point in ice- cream.
  • In Confectionary industry it is used at the production of wafer sheets, biscuits, gingerbreads, kissels, jellies, puddings, gelatin desserts, gravies. At the production of pastry, demineralized whey powder is used as sugar replacer. At the production of marzipans and pralins, partially made from confectionary fat, sugar powder is partially replaced by whey powder (is added within mixture blending at the rate 10% of sugar powder quantity on dry matter). At the production of sweet chocolate bars Whey Powder is used in combination with other dry ingredients, specified in the recipe (cocoa powder, sugar, etc), at the rate 10% from sugar quantity. Quantity of sugar incorporation decreases up to 10% at the dry matter rate.
  • At the production of peanut and sunflower paste, Whey Powder is used before mixing procedure of paste at the rate 9,4% for the peanut paste and 10,4% for the sunflower paste (dry matter).
  • In Bakery Whey Powder is used at the production of bakery and macaroni products (bread, cookies, cupcakes, crackers). It influences dough smoothness, improves taste and increases biological and nutritional value.
  • In Meat Industry Whey Powder is used aiming to increase viscosity of meat substance.
  • In Brewing IndustryWhey Powder is used as an active enzyme in the production of brewing syrup.
  • Whey Powder is used as a component in the production of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.


Packaging Demineralized Whey Powder 40%

  • Packaging: 25 kg multi-ply paper bags with heat-sealed polyethylene liner.
  • Shelf life: Up to 24 months.
  • Minimum order: One full container load.