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Fat filled milk powder

  • Various fat & protein content


FFMP is produced by mixing skimmed milk powder with various food components and additives, in order to provide customers with end product according to their specification. The properties and composition of FFMP allow to use it like cost-effective option of Full Cream Milk Powder partly or in full. Our equipment allows us to produce a product with a different content of fat, protein, aromatic additives, fillers and stuffs (vanilla, cocoa, sugar, etc.), according to the specific final application and customer’s requerements.

Application Fat filled milk powder

Due to its properties, FFMP is widely used in dairy, meat, bakery, confectionery industry, in the production of frozen foods, semi-finished products, drinks, ready-to-eat breakfasts, soups, snacks, creams, sauces, milk drinks, ice cream, baby food, etc.

Packing Fat filled milk powder

  • Packing: Paper bag with a polyethylene inner liner, 25 kg net. Other packing option upon request.
  • Shelf life and storage conditions: 12 month. To be stored under cool, dry conditions in well- ventilated premises. If stored under optimal conditions the quality is stable up to 18 months.
  • Minimum order: One full container load.