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Fat Filled Whey Powder with vegetable fat

  • Various fat & protein content


Fat filled sweet whey powder is referred to milk-containing group of products. It is produced from pasteurized milk liquid whey, by adding milk and non-milk fats (palm oil, coconut oil), including further heat-treating, condensation, homogenization and drying on spray drier, intended for food use.

Various ingredients (water/oil soluble ingredients, vitamins etc.) can be added into the product on the client’s request.

Application: Dairy industry, Confectionary industry, Food concentrates industry, Bakery etc.


Packaging Fat Filled Whey Powder

  • Packaging: 500-1000 kg, 25 kg multi-ply paper bags with heat-sealed polyethylene liner.
  • Shelf life: Up to 24 months.
  • Minimum order: One full container load.