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Unsalted cream butter 82%

  • Unsalted


Unsalted butter is produced from fresh sweet cream which has been pasteurised, churned and worked in continuous butter making machines, to produce a premium quality butter. Unsalted Butter is uniform in composition, yellow in colour with a clean flavour typical of butterfat.

Application Unsalted cream butter

Unsalted butter is traditionally used as an ingredient in cooking and baking applications where additional salt is not required or undesirable. Unsalted butter imparts a natural and unique flavour benefit, improves moisture retention and retards staling.

Unsalted butter may also be used as a flavour carrier or simply as a heat transfer medium in cooking applications.

Packaging Unsalted cream butter

  • Packaging: 25 kg cardboard box with blue polyethylene film.
  • Shelf life: up to 24 months.
  • Minimum order: one full container load.